Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall GmbH

Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall GmbH is part of the Japanese Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp., a subsidiary of Sumitomo, which is specialized in the development of cutting materials like carbide, cermet, CBN (Sumiboron) and PKD (Sumidia). In modern production facilities located in Japan and in many other countries of the world, to create modern standard and special tools for demanding machining tasks in turning, milling and drilling.

At Willich near Düsseldorf/Germany "Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall GmbH" is the headquarters for sales and logistics throughout Europe with an inventory of over 70,000 different items of metal-cutting tools.

In Lauchheim, in southern Germany, Sumitomo operates a tool factory with over 140 employees, for the present multi-drill, Sumiboron (CBN) - and Sumidia (PCD) cutting tools manufactured as standard and special tools. This plant has recently been expanded to include a technology and development center for cutting tools developed specifically for the European demand.

Sumitomo developed his cutting tools always from the perspective of the discerning client who is seeking its advantages in increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

Sumitomo Products


T1000A / T1500A

Uncoated Cermet Grades

T1000A is an uncoated high speed finishing grade designed with wear resistance in mind that provides long tool life and excellent wear resistance in continuous finishing and profiling applications.

  • Exceptional toughness and adhesion for a hardened cermet
  • Perfect for fine finishing with grinding grades
  • Extensive line up with emphasis on grinding grades meets a diverse range of needs

T1500A is a general purpose uncoated cermet that provides stable finish quality in finishing and medium cutting. This cermet grade features varying levels of granularity that leaves a beautiful glossy finish while achieving excellent resistance against wear and fracture.

  • excellent fracture and war resistance
  • 3D chip breaker comes into its own in applications where good chip control is required
  • expanded lineup meets an even wider range of needs


Coated Cermet Grade for Steel Turning

New PVD coating process "Brilliant Coat" for glossy finished surface with excellent adhesion resistance. A general purpose coated cermet grade capable of maintaining high-quality finished surfaces while providing excellent wear resistance.

  • New PVD coating process ,,Brilliant Coat"
  • Excellent wear resistance and fracture resistance
  • Low reactivity with work materials

Expanded chip breaker lineup with newly developed NFB type for low carbon steel and general steel machining.

NEF / NEG / NEM Type

Chipbreakers for Stainless Steel Machining

In addition to the NEF type for finishing and the NEG type for medium cutting, the NEM type for rough cutting has been added to the chipbreaker series for stainless steel machining.

The NEF chip breaker reduces chip curl diameter in finishing applications. Provides very good chip management not fluctuated by the material in use.

The NEG chip breaker achieves excellent wear resistance and chip control from general-purpose machining to roughing applications. Also provides very high versatility.

The NEM chip breaker achieves excellent fracture and crater resistance and ensures extremely stable machining thanks to an edge shape that enable smooth chip evacuation.

Best solution for stainless steel turning utilizing the combination with the new grades AC6030M and AC6040M.

AC6030M / AC6040M

Coated Carbide Grades for Stainless Steel Turning

ew grades for stainless steel cutting with excellent wear and fracture resistance.

AC6030M: The first recommended grade for general machining of stainless steel drastically reduces the occurrence of abnormal damage in stainless steel machining and achieves stable long tool life thanks to the new coating "Absotech Platinum".

AC6040M: The first recommended grade for general machining of stainless steel drastically improves the reliability in unstable machining thanks to the excellent adhesion and the peeling-off resistance of the new coating "Absotech Bronze". The improved fracture resistance of the exclusive carbide substrate assures the production.

  • Newly developed coating technology "Absotech"
  • Extended tool life & reduced tool costs
  • Wide application range

GND-Type (Expansion II)

Grooving Tools

The second expansion of GND type expands our lineup of items for small lathes. The minimum insert width is 1.25 mm. This item is combined with a GF type chipbreaker with low cutting resistance.

Our lineup of small shank size holders for auto lathes has been expanded. Two grades (AC520U / AC425K) have also been added to correspond to exotic alloy and cast iron turning.


GND Type Grooving System

Applicable for grooving, turning, copying, facing, boring and cut-off

The GND type is designed for grooving and features a single-piece construction made of special steel. This design reduces vibration and also delivers steady performance with turning, copying, grooving, boring, facing and cut-off.

  • Wide application range by using six different types of chip breakers
  • 30% reduced vibrations as compared to conventional types
  • Consistent chip control
  • High precision

NFB Type / NLB Type

M-Class Positive Type Chipbreakers

A new series of M class positive type chipbreakers. This series improves chip control in steel plate and soft steel turning.

A new series of M class positive type chipbreakers. This series improves chip control in steel plate and soft steel turning. The NFB Type increases chip strain and thereby improves chip breaking performance thanks to the variable rake angle in nose radius.

The NLB Type achieves excellent chip control and machining stability thanks to the special concave ridge shape.

AC405K / AC415K / AC420K ACE-Coated Grades

New coated carbide grades for cast iron turning

The application range of ACE-Coated Grades is from high speed cutting to interrupted cutting.

AC405K: Suitable for high-speed continuous cutting. Excellent resistance to wear and plastic deformation.

AC415K : First recommended grade for cast iron turning. Provides stability and long tool life in a wide range of processes

AC420K : This grade is extremely stable and shows good performance against interrupted, unstable cutting or mill-scaled work due to its excellent fracture resistance.

  • Finer and harder Super FF TiCN layer
  • Newly developed stress control technology
  • Excellent wear resistance and reliability

BXBR Series

Micro Boring Bars

BXBR Micro Boring Bars for drilling minimum boring diameters of 2mm. 2-cornered insert usable for overhangs up to 5D.

  • Economical 2-cornered insert
  • Maximum boring depth 5D
  • Usable at any desired overhang
  • Minimum boring diameters of 2mm up to 5mm


New chipbreaker series for wide range DOC

The new NSI chipbreaker series offer sharp designed cutting edge with low-cutting force. It provides better chip control in wide range DOC for bar feeder machine. The combination of high rake edge design and G-class precision offers superior cutting performance. The NSI series are suitable for medical parts and high precision machining. Additionally nose radius with minus tolerance (M) is available.

  • Sharp designed cutting edge
  • Nose radius with minus tolerance (M)
  • Better chip control
  • Superior cutting performance

AC805P / AC810P / AC820P / AC830P - ACE-Coated Grades

Super FF coated inserts for steel turning

The ACE-Coated grades feature Super FF Coat, which has excellent wear and chipping resistance. Versatile NGE Type chip breaker suited to high-feed applications.

AC805P: The ultra-thick Al2O3 coating achieves excellent wear resistance at high speed cutting above 300 m/min under dry cutting conditions.

AC810P: In addition to FF-TiCN coat, this grade features a tough, thick Al2O3 coating enhanced by newly de- veloped grain growth control technology, excellent wear resistance and long tool life in high-speed, high-feed cutting.

AC820P: In addition to FF-TiCN coat, this grade features a high-density structured FF-Al2O3 layer using new smooth surface treatment technology, and also employs coating thickness control technology to achieve excellent versatility, stability and long tool life.

AC830P: In addition to FF-TiCN coat, this grade features a strengthened FF-Al2O3 layer using new stress control technology and moreover provides excellent reliability and wear-resistance in heavy interrupted cutting to achieve long tool life.

  • High-speed and efficient cutting
  • Increased wear and breakage resistance
  • First choice for long tool life and high feed rates
  • Perfect combination of chip breaker and grade


Shank tool holder series

The Sumitomo Polygon shank tool holders enable an extremely high stiffness connection between machine and tool. The conical polygon can take high bending and torque moments based on the combination of the face contact to the spindle. This self-guiding coupling system offers high precision and a repeatability of ± 2µm in X, Y and Z axis.While using this easy and quick coupling system it is possible to gain higher machine utilization time as the set-up and tool change times are reduced.The compact design and the high stiffness connection to the spindle offer a versatile use e.g. on multi-task machines, machining centers and turning-milling centers.


  • Double-clamping system D-Type for negative holders
  • Holders for general turning, copying and facing
  • Available for negative and positive insert types


SDP-Type SumiDrill Power-Series

All-rounder for drilling

The new expansion of SDP-Type SumiDrill Power-Series offers high efficient drilling in wide application range. Provided with latest technology of Sumi-Power Coating there are improved anti-adhesion as well as high wear resistance. Top performance parameters with maximum fedd and stable long tool life are given. It's an all-rounder for drilling.



  • Wide application range
  • Maximum performance by increased feed capabilities
  • Latest technology of Sumi-Power Coating
  • New designed double margin for excellent hole accuracy
  • Elliptical flute design for improved chip evacuation
  • Curved cutting edge - ideal for removing chips


Micro Long Drills

MLDH Micro Long Drills are oil-hole drills for high efficiency drilling that were developed for drilling deep, small-diameter holes. These next-generation, small-diameter hole drills feature improved strength - often a problem area with small-diameter drills.New groove shape ensures good drill rigidity and chip evacuation. High efficiency drilling to depths of over 20x drill diameter at over Vf= 500mm/min (drill diameter 1,3mm, X12CrS13 equivalent). Optimal thinning and edge balance for stable chip control. Special coating provides long tool life with a wide variety of work materials. Improved chip evacuation makes it possible to reduce spindle load fluctuation, ensuring stable tool life.

  • New "TiAIN" PVD coating
  • Good drill rigidity
  • Optimal thinning and edge balance
  • Excellent wear resistance and fracture resistance
  • Stable chip control

SMD MultiDrill Type

MultiDrills with replaceable and regrindable heads

The high rigidity, low cost SMD MultiDrill series now offers tools for large holes and structural steel applications to serve a broader range of applications.

Detachable head type drill using a radial serrated connection design for high precision and strength. The exchangeable drill head provides a new cutting edge, higher productivity and cost efficiency with easy tool management. Regrinding allowance of 1,5mm to 3,0mm makes further tool cost reductions possible.

Application range:

MTL Type for high efficiency drilling in general steel

MEL Type for soft steel, grey cast iron, exotic metals and low rigidity setups

MB Type Type for drilling roles steel for structural weldments (single layer & laminate materials)

  • Drill diameter up to Ø 42,5mm
  • High rigidity & low costs
  • High precision & strength

MDW - GS / HGS Type

Super MultiDrills for Long Tool Life and Excellent Chip Evacuation

Super MultiDrill GS and HGS types are solid carbide drills that employ a new flute design and wide chip pocket to achieve excellent chip management and evacuation. DEX coating enables stable and long tool life over a wide range of work materials and applications.

  • Long tool life
  • Stable chip evacuation
  • Quiet cutting & stable cutting resistance
  • Environmentally-freindly

GND-Type (Expansion II)

Grooving Tools

The second expansion of GND type expands our lineup of items for small lathes. The minimum insert width is 1.25 mm. This item is combined with a GF type chipbreaker with low cutting resistance.

Our lineup of small shank size holders for auto lathes has been expanded. Two grades (AC520U / AC425K) have also been added to correspond to exotic alloy and cast iron turning.


WDX-SumiDrill Type Large Hole/5D Type

Indexable Drills

The newly designed SumiDrill WDX features indexible inserts with 4 cutting edges and a range of optimized chip breakers: Light (L) - General purpose (G) - Heavy (H) for rapid chip removal The balanced cut design maximizes feed rates and accuracy whilst the ultra hard Super ZX coated inserts double the tool life.

  • Ultra hard Super ZX inserts double tool life
  • Diameter range: 13,0 ~ 55,0 mm
  • Drilling depth: ~ 2D, ~ 3D, ~ 4D, ~ 5D
  • Excellent chip control
  • 1 insert for both pockets
  • Excellent hole accuracy


Super MultiDrill for Aluminium Alloy Machining

Super MultiDrill MDW - NHGS type offering 7 times more efficiency when drilling aluminium than a straight cutting edge drill by combining the J fl ute, wide L thinning, wide W margin, and AURORA coating.

  • High efficiency drilling
  • Precision drilling
  • Longer tool life
  • Deep hole (L/D = 20) drilling


RSX Wave Radius Mill

Radius Cutter for Exotic Alloys

The RSX "Wave Radius Mill" Series is developed for exotic alloys as well as for stainless steel machining. Smooth cutting action and low vibration machining provided based on the high rake angle design and high rigidity body. E-class tolerance inserts guarantee good run-out.

  • Low cutting resistance & less vibration
  • High operability
  • Stable and long tool life

In combination with the new ACM-grades a high tool life can be achieved.

ACM100 / ACM200 / ACM300

Grades for Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy Milling

A new series of coated grades for stainless steel and exotic alloy milling.

ACM100 and ACM300 employ New Super ZX Coating and thereby enable milling that is 1.5 times faster and more efficient compared to conventional grades.

ACM200 employs Super FF Coating and achieves smooth coating as well as excellent chipping resistance.

WAX 3000 / 4000 "Wave Mill" Series

High speed milling system for non ferrous metals and aluminium alloys

WAX "Wave Mill" type is a high speed and high efficiency cutter capable of rough milling to finishing of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium alloys. It is usable for ramping (slant milling) & helical milling. The safety design prevents dislodging of inserts caused by centrifugal forces. Additionally coolant holes are a standard feature for the whole series.

  • Low cutting resistance & less vibrationFor ramping (slant milling) & helical milling
  • Safety design
  • Coolant supply
  • Excellent adhesion resistance
  • WAX 3000 / 4000 diameter ranging from 25 to 125mm


"Wave Mill Series"

The WEX "Wave Mill Series" offers insert end mills and shoulder milling cutters based on the successful Sumitomo Wave Mill concept. The wave shaped cutting edges generate lower cutting forces whilst the high shear cutting action ensures smooth reliable cutting even when deep slotting or milling with low rigidity machines. Strong cutting edges with heat and wear resistance nano technology coatings substantially improve machining accuracy and surface finish.

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Smooth cutting due to high rake inserts
  • High feed rates because of strong cutting edge
  • Greatly extended tool life when specified with PVD and CVD coated inserts
  • Wave shaped cutting edge for excellent machined quality

NEW: WEX 1000 Series - min. Ø 10 mm

WFX WaveMill Cutter (Expansion)

Cutter for Shoulder Milling

A series of small inserts has been added to the WaveMill WFX Type. The multi-edge design of this series improves milling efficiency and, in addition, the cutting edge design focusing on squareness reduces level differences and thereby achieves excellent surface finish in shoulder milling.

  • Maximum depth of cut 6mm
  • Optimized edge shape

Application range: Shoulder Milling for Steel, Stainless Steel, Die Steel, Cast Iron, Non-Ferrous Metal, Exotic Alloy

WFX Wavemill Type

High precision & high quality 90°-Shoulder Milling Cutter

Wavemill Shoulder Milling Cutter WFX is a screw locking type cutter capable of using 4-cornered inserts. The unique insert cutting edge and high-precision body provides superior cutting performance, beautiful machined surface finish, and excellent shoulder milling squareness. New Wave Mill Inserts are available for Shoulder Milling.

  • Maximum depth of cut 10mm
  • With oil hole (Ø 125mm or less)
  • 3 chip breaker types
  • High precision

Application range

L-typefor light cut, low rigidity milling & reduced burrs

G-type for general purpose

H-type for roughing, heavy interrupted & hardened

steel milling

WGX Wavemill-Series

General Purpose Face Milling Cutter

The WaveMill WGX Type employs unique chipbreaker design to provide lower cutting resistance and higher quality surface finishes than conventional tools. Optimised chamfer edge reduces burr and edge chipping. The Wavemill WGX Type features high precision technology that reduces insert run-out variation and a new coating to provide stable and long tool life.

  • Top performance parameters
  • Highest quality
  • Stable and long tool life

DGC Sumi Dual Mill Type

General Purpose High Efficiency Face Milling Cutters

"Sumi Dual Mill" DGC-Type utilizes double-sided inserts for excellent economy. This is a general-purpose cutter featuring high cutting edge strength for high efficiency milling and low-burr chipbreaker design that provides high quality machined surface./p>

  • Milling cutter for high-efficient general face milling
  • Unique body design can use two types of different inserts
  • Same cutting performance as single-sided inserts plus superior economy

The DGC type insert lineup includes double-sided SNMU (double-sided, 8 corners) and ONMU (double-sided, 16 corners) types. Up to 16 corners can be used for improved economy.

Modular tools

Exchangeable Head Tools

Sumitomo's Modular tools are available in three types of exchangeable head endmills. There is a wide variety of possible combinations with carbide arbors and steel arbors. Suitable for milling with long overhangs up to 6 x D from Modular Endmill with carbide arbor. A carbide arbor improves feed rates, surface finish, sizing and long tool life.

Application area

High Efficiency Endmill - WEX-Type (15 items)

Multipurpose Radius Endmill - WRCX-Type (7 items)

Ultra-High Feed Endmill - MSX-Type (13 items)

Extended application area

Carbide arbors (16 items)

Steel arbors (4 items)

SSEH Anti-Vibration Type

Carbide Endmills for Exotic Alloys

New SSEHVL Anti-Vibration Type added to the endmill series SSEH for exotic materials. Builds on the same features of existing end mills by adding an irregular lead for exceptionally good anti-vibration performance.

SSEH Series
  • New ultra-smoothcoating
  • Improved wear resistance and fracture resistance
  • Large helix angle (45 degrees)
  • Excellent cutting performance and chip evacuation
  • Stronger weg thickness for high tool rigidity

SSEHVL Anti-Vibration Type
  • Irregular pitch
  • Irregular lead
  • Exceptionally good anti-vibration performance

PDL-Drill Type / PCT-Mill Type

Indexable Plunge Drill / Plunge Mill

The tool cuts in the Z axis direction where tool rigidity is highest, allowing high efficiency roughing for aeronautic components and dies with long tool overhang must be used to machine deep holes and pockets. The flat cutting edge design produces near-flat bottom profiles to reduce depth of cut variation during finishing. All sizes come with an air hole for supplying coolant internally to improve chip evacuation. Durable body with special surface treatment offers improved tool life and reliability. The tools use SumiDrill WDX type inserts for handling a wide range of work materials, from steel to non-ferrous metals and exotic alloys.

The PDL Type has a central insert making it possible to make radial cuts beyond the tool's radius, pitch feed cutting and drilling. (Pocketing milling, etc.)

Although the PCT Type has limited radial cutting ability, the tool has many effective teeth enabling it to perform high feed cutting. (Medium finishing of corners, hole expansion, deep grooving, etc.)


For High Efficiency Machining of Cast Iron and Cast Steel

The DNX / DNXF series are face mills for general milling of cast iron and steel. 8-cornered insert achieves high efficiency milling with large depth of cut. Multi-cornered cutters for cast iron are available in a wide variety of bodies and inserts.

  • Small inserts with 8 cutting edges
  • Economic by double-side usage
  • Optimized geometry for best results in cast iron
  • Special inserts for steel machining

GSX Mill, Ballnose/ Anti-Vibration Type

New-Generation „Global Standard“ Carbide Endmills

Ballnose and Anti-Vibration Types now available in our New „Global Standard“ Endmill Series GSX Mill. Enhanced Product Range.

GSX Mill Anti-Vibration Type (Square radius): Offers an optimized irregular pitch and lead affords for drastically improved chattering and fracture resistance. Less cutting force allows high-speed and high-feed cutting. Rounded lands greatly improve machined surface quality (from ø4 and up). New fine-grained carbide substrate and special coating for better rigidity, thermal and wear resistance.

GSX Mill Ball: New coating combined with a fine-grained carbide substrate affords better thermal and wear resistance. Large helix angle on cutting edge reduces cutting resistance. Additionally unique pocket design and expanded pocket area promote better chip evacuation. Expands the range of machinable material from soft to hardened steels and offers reliability and longer tool life.


SDP-Type SumiDrill Power-Series

All-rounder for drilling

Since 1970s, Sumitomo's CBN (cubic boron nitride) grades named SUMIBORON has pioneered the development of sintered CBN tools successfully used in the tool making industries. These tool materials can be epoch-making in a sense of broadening the cutting application range.

Characteristics are excellent wear and fracture resistance, high quality finished surfaces as well as high performance.

Production Process
In the production process of SUMIBORON powder / CBN powder is firstly synthesized under the ultra - high pressure, and secondly, the synthesized crystalline grains are sintered. To manufacture final products round discs of SUMIBORON material are cut into specific shapes and brazed on to tool bodies made of cemented carbide, and after that finished by grinding the edge. In another process the final product can be obtained only by cutting blanks and finishing them.

Application area SUMIBORON can perform machining of hardened steel, high cast iron and exotic metals where previously only grinding was done.

BNC2010 / BNC2020 Coated SUMIBORON

Coated CBN Grades for Hardened Steel Machining

BNC2010: A grade for high-precision machining applicable for finishing requiring good surface roughness and dimensional accuracy. Provides further improved wear resistance thanks to a newly developed CBN substrate coated with a TiCN layer. Reduces flank wear and achieves excellent surface finish thanks to newly developed special stable multi-layered coating.

BNC2020: A general-purpose grade applicable to general hardened steel machining. A newly developed tough CBN-substrate coated with a highly wear-resistant TiAlN layer. Achieves more stable machining and longer tool life by em- ploying a highly adhesive layer for high chipping resistance.

  • BNC2010 for high precision
  • BNC2020 for general purpose
  • Grades for high-efficiency machining & longer tool life
  • One-use insert break master with chipbreaker types: NFV for finishing, NLV for light cutting, NSV for carburised layer removal WG/WH wiper for high efficiency, good surface quality

BSME / SEXC series/h4> CBN small hole boring bar systems

The CBN boring systems BSME and SEXC were developed specifically for the machining of ultra small diameter holes in hardened steel. The entire boring bar series is equipped with internal cooling. In order to achieve high rigidity and accuracy, all boring bars are designed in carbide. For easy setup and handling, the use of a clamping sleeve, which can take all boring bar sizes by the unified shaft, is provided.

BSME: Series with brazed CBN cutting edge with minimum bore diameter from 2,5mm up to 5,0mm.

SEXC: Series with indexable CBN insert with minimum bore diameter from 4,0mm up to 6,0mm.

  • New ultra small boring bar with CBN cutting edge
  • Internal coolant
  • Easy setting & handling
  • High accuracy & high rigidity
  • One sleeve for different diameters

BN1000 (High Speed Machining), BN2000 (General Purpose Machining)

New Uncoated CBN Grades SUMIBORON for Machining of Hardened Steel

A new uncoated type of SUMIBORON that has newly developed high-purity ceramic binder. Both fracture and wear resistance are combined to achieve a stable tool life in a wide variety of hardened steel machining. Available in single corner and multi-corner type inserts.

BN1000: Superior high-speed machining grade with the highest wear resistance of any uncoated SUMIBORON. Delivers excellent tool life in continuous cutting to light-interrupted cutting. Improved hardness and heat resistance from the high purity TiCN ceramic binder.

BN2000: General purpose grade suitable for typical hardened steel machining applications. Provides stable tool life in everything from continuous cutting to light-to-medium interrupted cutting. Stable surface roughness by increasing sharpness. Significant improvements in the performance of both by employing a high purity ceramic binder.

FMU Type

High speed finishing of grey cast iron

The FMU SUMIBORON "BN finish mill" for high speed machining (vc=1500m/min) provides excellent surface roughness (Rz = 3,2; Ra = 1,0) and delivers a safety structure for the centrifugal force under high speed cutting conditions. Run-out is less than 10µm. FMU type ensures an easy assembling method by using the setting gauge. Running cost is reduced because of economical insert.



BN7000 uncoated SUMIBORON

Uncoated CBN grade for high-speed finishing of cast iron, powdered metals and difficult-to-machine materials

Medium-grain CBN sintered to a high density to achieve the maximum content percentage. Also delivers superior fracture resistance by increasing the binding strength between CBN particles. Provides stable, long tool life for high-speed finishing work with cast iron. powdered metals and difficult-to-machine materials.

  • Excellent for high-speed finishing of cast iron
  • High efficiency machining of powdered metals
  • Able to machine exotic metals

BN7500 uncoated SUMIBORON

New Uncoated CBN Grade for High Precision and High Efficiency Machining of Powdered Metal

High density sintered material made of micro-grained CBN grains provide excellent sharpness and wear resistance for high quality surfaces in sintered alloy finishing.

Available with 3 different types of edge treatment for machining sintered alloys of any shape or hardness:

BN7500 Standard Type

BN7500 LF Type: Has a sharper edge designed specifically for machining sintered alloys with minimal burr and improved machining precision.

BN7500 HS Type: Has a strengthened cutting edge for stable chipping resistance during interrupted cutting and finishing.


Coated CBN grade for ductile cast iron machining

First coated CBN grade for ductile iron. Recommended for high-speed, high-precision machining of ductile iron. It also provides a long, stable tool life in machining high-strength ductile cast iron, special cast irons such as vermicular cast iron, and centrifugally cast iron. In addition, it demonstrates exceptional wear resistance by combining a ceramic coating with excellent heat resistance.



Since 1970s, Sumitomo's PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) grades named SUMIDIA has pioneered the development of sintered diamond tools successfully used in the tool making industries. These tool materials can be epoch-making in a sense of broadening the cutting application range.

Characteristics are excellent wear and fracture resistance, high quality finished surfaces as well as high performance.

Production Process
In the production process of SUMIDIA powder / diamond powder is firstly synthesized under the ultra - high pressure, and secondly, the synthesized crystalline grains are sintered. To manufacture final products round discs of SUMIDIA material are cut into specific shapes and brazed on to tool bodies made of cemented carbide, and after that finished by grinding the edge. In another process the final product can be obtained only by cutting blanks and finishing them.

Application area Due to PCD's high chemical affinity to carbon it is not convenient to steel, but special developed for wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal finishing.


Super hard grade for machining of Aluminium-Alloy

SUMIDIA DA1000 is a high density, ultra-fine grained sintered PCD with high toughness similar to that of carbide. Excellent micro cutting edge geometry, optimum wear and fracture resistance facilitate high performance, longer tool life and achieve high efficiency machining especially during milling of all aluminum alloys. Significantly improved surface roughness on machined surfaces and minimization of burr formation on work piece.

  • High density, ultra-fine grained sintered PCD
  • Optimum wear & fracture resistance
  • Excellent edge sharpness

NLD Type / NGD Type SUMIDIA Break Master

PCD Chipbreaker for Non-Ferrous Metals

3D chipbreakers have been added to the SUMIDIA insert series. The NLD type and NGD type chipbreakers achieve outstanding chip control in semi-and fine-finishing of aluminum alloys. The employment of high toughness grade DA1000 achieves stable, long tool life.

RF Type SUMIDIA Face Mill

High speed finishing of aluminum alloy

The RF Type for finishing and roughing aluminum alloys and non-ferrous materials provides high precision and high speed machining (vc=5000m/min). RF Type offers an aluminum alloy body and an easy assembling method using the setting gauge. Additionally run-out is less than 10µm.


SumiCrystal is synthetic monocrystalline diamond, that Sumitomo Electric manufactures under strict quality requirements.

Diamonds are famous for being the hardest known material offering a maximum of heat resistance. Due to these characteristics combined with low thermic spread and high electric resistance diamonds are important for today's high-precision technologies. Compared with natural diamond SumiCrystal shows up an excellent uniformity of product characteristics and is therefore very much suited for industrial applications.

SumiCrystal is synthetic single diamond which Sumitomo Electric succeeded in mass production for the first time in the world. SumiCrystal manufactured under severe quality, so it's suitable for industrial materials.

SumiCrystal ® : Registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.